Plumbing and Slab Leak Repair Ventura County

Once the leak has been located, the next course of action will be to get that leak repaired! There are a few different ways to repair a leak. The most common two repair methods are to provide a direct access repair, and the other being to bypass that leaky pipe and reroute a new one overhead. Our leak detection services will provide you with multiple repair options to see what best fits your needs. No matter the repair you choose, we can make it happen for you! Find out more why you should choose Quest Leak Detection.

Direct Access Repairs

Direct access repairs can be good, bad, and potentially even necessary depending on the location. When the plumbing underground starts to leak, we can dig up the ground at the leak’s location, cut out the small piece of pipe that is leaking, and put a new piece in its place.

However, this is not an ideal solution. Repairing a small piece of an aged and deteriorating pipe will only be a temporary fix. Ideally, if at all possible, you would want to bypass that underground pipe completely and run a new pipe overhead.

When determining the cost factor, if the leak is located underneath a carpeted area, direct access might be a preferable solution. This is because we can simply lift the carpet and padding, repair the pipe and patch the concrete, and lay the carpet and padding back down. This can sometimes be the preferred method as it might be much more cost-effective.


Rerouting the plumbing overhead will be the best repair option as you bypass the already aged and leaking pipe below ground. That old pipe will no longer be connected to anything, and thus will never leak again. When running new plumbing overhead, there are many different avenues and options that can be taken. This is where working with experienced leak detection and repair companies is so crucial.

When rerouting plumbing, there is always more than one option, but if you don’t perform leak detection repairs 24/7 as we do, they might not be that obvious to you. Finding the best reroute option is important for the overall plumbing cost to you, the overall repair cost (drywall work), and your home’s water flow and pressure.

For example, imagine having an underground pipe that runs from the front of your home all the way to the back of your home. If that pipe is leaking underground, an inexperienced plumber, who doesn’t find and fix leaks all day, might suggest the most logical answer, which would be to run a new pipe from the front of your home all the way to the back. That will work however the plumbing and repair cost will be much higher as compared to if there is a water source that we can tap into that is closer to the intended destination.

Why Choose Quest Leak Detection For Leak Repairs

All we do all day is find and fix leaks. This not only has made us very accurate and efficient, but we have also developed proprietary leak detection methods that ensure our accuracy! As there are no guarantees in the leak detection world… accuracy means everything. We have a triple step system to ensure our accuracy and that is paired with our proprietary technology and techniques to provide peace of mind that we will accurately locate your leak.

If that’s not enough, we are able to provide a 25 year warranty on our repair work. Feel free to give us a call so we can further discuss our services and what our warranty covers!

  • Owner and most experienced individual performing your leak detection
  • Accurate leak detecting
  • Aid in insurance coverage
  • Competitive rates & Financing options
  • A seamless experience from leak detection to repair!