Most Accurate Leak Detection Service In Ventura County

Leak detection involves using a variety of tools including but not limited to ultrasonic acoustical equipment, utility locators, infrared readers, and moisture readers to name a few. All of those tools will help the technician accurately diagnose where you leak is located.

Common Signs Of A Slab Leak

  • Spike in Your Water Bill
  • Reduced Water Pressure
  • Hot Spots On The Flooring
  • Flooring is Wet and Damaged
  • You Notice a Mold or Mildew Smell
  • You Can Hear Rushing Water

Slab Leaks

When dealing with a slab leak, the first order of business is to hire a leak detection company. You can’t complete restoration, remediation, discuss repair options, or even confirm insurance coverage without first hiring a leak detection company.

At Quest Leak Detection, we provide not only the leak detection service needed to locate the leak but also the repair work as well.

We are a one-stop shop for your leak detection and repair needs! No middle man, no confusion… a seamless experience from start to finish. Read more on why you should choose us

Accurate Leak Detection

Leaks can occur in your pipes for a number of different reasons. Pipes will, over time, start to deteriorate and can develop pinhole leaks. These leaks can occur above and below ground. Neither situation is good. When the leak is above ground, it will start to cause immediate damage and potential flooding, however, they are easily located and often easier to repair compared to a slab leak. Slab leaks are when the plumbing underneath your home starts to leak.

Although sometimes they don’t cause any damage at all, they can be tough to locate and repair. This is where an experienced leak detection company and repair company will come in handy.

Why Choose Quest Leak Detection?

Quest Leak Detection is not a full-service plumbing company. We strictly only provide leak detection and repair work. There is simply no company with more experience finding and fixing leaks!

  • Owner and most experienced individual performing your leak detection
  • Accurate leak detecting
  • Aid in insurance coverage
  • Competitive Rates & Financing options
  • A seamless experience from leak detection to repair!