Having a leak is never fun, and in some horrible scenarios, it can even cause severe damage to your home. This is where your insurance provider can help. Not all leaks are covered by insurance, and not all insurance companies cover leaks. A lot depends on what insurance carrier you have, and where that leak is located exactly. 

Quest Leak Detection works with all types of home insurance companies and home warranty companies alike. When choosing the right leak detection and repair company for you, you need to take into consideration who is going out and doing the work as accuracy is everything.

You could lose coverage if your leak is marked just a few inches in the wrong direction! We here at Quest Leak Detection are family-owned and operated! This means that only the very best and qualified people will be coming out to your home!

Unlike other companies, you never have to worry if it’s the technician’s first day on the job, where they could be off by just a few inches and cost you insurance coverage! Accuracy is everything and only the very best individuals will be looking for your leak! Learn more about why Quest Leak Detection is right for you.